Wed, Jan 3 2024

Next step in front-end evolution: new Merchant interface

As previously highlighted, we are in the process of enhancing the entire OPP front-end infrastructure to deliver what we believe are best-in-class user experiences for our partners, merchants, and buyers. We are pleased to announce a significant achievement in this journey: the launch of our new Merchant interface. This updated interface works smoothly on all devices, is easier to use, and provides merchants with more helpful information and options. We'll be releasing the Merchant interface gradually, and it will be available for all our users by February.




The primary objective of the Merchant interface is to present relevant information in a simple, secure and transparent manner. That's why we focused a lot on how we handle data and making the design clear. We also gathered extensive input from partners and merchants to create an interface that’s both attractive and more-over functional. We’re excited about the result and happy to share the most important features of the new OPP Merchant interface.


"We're really excited to share that over 20 million users will have access to our new Merchant interface." - Richard Straver, Founder OPP


1. Dashboard

Upon logging in, merchants are greeted by the dashboard, which serves as the initial point of interface. This dashboard presents a visually appealing and concise summary of their performance metrics within the platform or marketplace. And allows them to quickly view their total amount of funds or the latest activity on their account. While easily guiding them towards any required steps that need to be undertaken to finalize their KYC or reach out to our support team.




2. Transactions

The most important information for merchants is about their transactions. Our new overview shows a list of all transactions in order, and merchants can filter through them easily. This helps merchants quickly find important details about money coming in and going out, like payments, chargebacks, and refunds. When opening a transaction, they can see all the important details like how much, how it was paid, when, a description, what kind of transaction it was, and payout details, all laid out clearly.




3. Payouts

The Payouts section shows all the money that has been sent to the merchants' bank accounts and any payments that are set to be sent in the future. When a merchant looks at a specific payout, they can see all the important information. This includes details of each transaction and any fees that were part of the payout. This helps merchants easily understand and keep track of their money.




4. Purchases

The Purchases feature helps platforms and marketplaces give both merchants and buyers information about their purchases. It allows both groups to easily follow and understand all the important details about what has been bought and sold on the platform.




5. Support

Customer support is really important for both merchants and buyers on any platform. Our updated interface shows a live view of all current and waiting support requests and disputes. It also simplifies the process of getting in touch with our support team.




6. Onboarding

Before merchants can get their money, they need to finish the Know Your Customer (KYC) process. Our advanced onboarding system lets them easily keep track of where they are in this process and understand what is required to complete their verification.




We're really excited to share that over 20 million users will have access to our new Merchant interface. It looks great, works really fast, and gives merchants lots of useful information to help them sell more and need less help from support. Additionally, it seamlessly integrates with our existing Account Services our newly implemented log-in system.


Our goal is to continuously improve our user experiences and therefore your feedback is crucial, so please let us know what you think. Looking ahead, we’re on an exciting trajectory of transformation. And are currently developing the new interfaces for Onboarding and Checkout - and soon - we'll reveal the new interface dedicated to you, our Partners. Take a sneak peek below. There's more to come in the next few months, so follow us closely if you'd like to be one of the first to know.


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