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Mon, Nov 2 2020

The first online payment on eBay Kleinanzeigen is a fact!

Anyone who has seen me regularly may have noticed: I am a huge fan of colourful sneakers. But never before as a sneaker freak was I so happy with a pair of new Nike Air Max sneakers as I was with the pair I bought last month. Not because it was a very rare limited edition, but because this is the first pair of shoes that was purchased through online payment on eBay Kleinanzeigen. This is the largest online marketplace in Germany. And this payment is handled by us! 

Read the press release about our new collaboration with eBay Kleinanzeigen! 


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In the Netherlands, we are quite used to paying online for purchases on a marketplace, but in Germany, a purchase on eBay Kleinanzeigen is still mainly paid in cash. To increase the security and convenience of the platform, eBay Kleinanzeigen wants to provide their 32 million users of the platform with a secure way to pay online as well. For this purpose, Online Payment Platform has been selected.



Actually, the step towards facilitating online payments has come at the perfect time with the corona pandemic increasing online payments in Germany too. The payment of my sneakers took place via a SEPA payment, where the seller sends the payment request to the buyer. The payment must be transferred to us. The seller then receives a payment confirmation and the product or service can be delivered.


If you're not used to paying online, it is quite a big step. In order to let users get familiar with it, eBay Kleinanzeigen is gradually introducing online payment. The first category for which online payment is enabled is men's shoes (lucky me!). In addition to SEPA, more and more payment options are being added. After a few days it was also possible to pay via credit card and Sofort. So my second German purchase was the limited edition sneaker from Adidas in cooperation with Lego. This time, I paid with credit card.


One in three users embrace online payment

Together with eBay Kleinanzeigen, we keep a close eye on how users react to the new payment options. Depending on how they are responding, online payments will be extended to other categories. The first observations are positive. For example, one in three sellers have embraced online payment, a third still needs conviction and the remaining group is expected to take a little longer to accept.


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Reducing risks with Escrow

Cash payment involves risks that are largely eliminated by online payments. To further reduce these risks, our escrow service has also been fully implemented on eBay Kleinanzeigen. Here the amount of money of the buyer is retained until the seller has delivered his product or service (at Marktplaats we know this as 'Gelijk oversteken'). And if help is required for the payment, users can contact our brand-new enthusiastic German support team.


The new pair of Nike's awaits me at our office in Berlin. A very good reason to go there again (in a safe way, of course).


Read the press release on handelsblatt (in German) 

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