Tue, Jun 7 2022

Ticketing platform Novotix offers customers security, flexibility and transparency with Online Payment Platform

  • Escrow feature offers customers more flexibility
  • Customers can choose from a variety of (inter)national payment methods
  • Specialism in platforms ensures speed, innovation and PSD2 compliancy


Novotix is a Dutch platform that offers organizers of public events at home and abroad an easy and user-friendly way to sell tickets. To comply with PSD2 regulations and integrate Escrow into the platform, it was looking for a solid and innovative payment provider. Online Payment Platform turned out to be the perfect partner for Novotix.


Novotix originated from an event organization. The founders initially developed a registration platform for their own events, but decided to open it up to other parties and professionalize it further. After three years it has grown into a high-quality ticketing platform that handles ticket sales for international festival organizers as well as zoos.


In the first years, Novotix handled the payments between consumers and the parties offering the tickets itself. However, due to the PSD2 regulations that came into effect in 2019, this was no longer an option. "Applying for a license from the Dutch Central Bank ourselves to handle payments was not an option for us. Such a license is expensive and we like to keep our service costs as low as possible. That is why we decided to work with a payment service provider," says Joeri van den Bergen, CEO of Novotix.


Novotix first partnered with another payment provider. "This partnership unfortunately did not work out the way we had in mind. The payment flows did not run smoothly and we could not offer our customers sufficient transparency. These are essential issues that, if not properly managed, cost trust and customers. We then quickly switched gears and invited five other payment service providers. The choice fell on Online Payment Platform," says Van den Bergen.


Integration completed within one month

Transparency, flexibility, specific platform expertise, innovativeness and the pleasant communication were important reasons for Novotix to work with Online Payment Platform. Van den Bergen: "It was immediately clear that we were dealing with a specialized party that knows what a platform needs. The onboarding process went very smoothly via an API and the documentation was clear. Moreover, because we had our own Slack channel we always received a quick response to questions. All this ensured that we were able to complete the integration within a month."


Thanks to the partnership with Online Payment Platform, Novotix customers can choose from a very diverse range of payment methods such as Bancontact, Sofort, Giropay, Przelewy24, Paypal, EPS and iDEAL. Novotix customers can select the payment methods they want to make available. "We can also easily add new payment methods. Our customers now have much more choice and transparency. Through the dashboard there is easy insight into the revenue and what costs they pay us. Furthermore, they can clearly see in which regions the tickets are sold. With this knowledge they can, for example, set up specific marketing campaigns."


Escrow offers flexibility in frequency of payments

Another advantage of Online Payment Platform, Van den Bergen believes, is the Escrow function: "This allows us to pay customers at any desired frequency. Customers can choose whether they want to receive payments daily, weekly, monthly or after the event. This can simply be indicated in the dashboard so that on the specified date the payment is automatically processed."


The lockdowns during the coronavirus pandemic were a challenging period for Novotix. Now that everything is open again, Van den Bergen expects transactions through his platform to quickly reach 500,000 per year. In addition, the partnership with Online Payment Platform will be further expanded by having them also handle payments for corporate events that go through sister organization Lenovi.


There are also more ambitious plans: "We are working on a wristband for festivals that is linked to an app. Via the app and a chip in the wristband, a visitor can top up their credit. This is fast, user-friendly and ensures that you are not left with coins after the festival. To make sure that these payments are handled properly, we also work with Online Payment Platform. It is interesting to think about new payment applications together. That is how Online Payment Platform keeps us on our toes in that area as well," concludes Van den Bergen.

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