Wed, Jan 4 2023

Tellow optimizes customer journey with payment solution OPP

  • Integration of payment link invoices helps speed up payments
  • Pragmatic approach to complex KYC process
  • Personal approach ensures smooth cooperation


Tellow started in 2016 as a corporate venture within Rabobank. The company provides an all-in-one solution for administration, accounting, banking, taxes and financing for independent contractors and freelancers. Tellow now serves 70,000 customers and continuously works to optimize its services. To ensure that connected independent contractors can include a payment link in their invoices and be paid quickly and easily, Tellow works together with Online Payment Platform.    

Tellow's services are highly innovative within the traditional accounting world. For example, the company is the first to offer a software package that enables banking, bookkeeping and tax return filing from a single platform. For this purpose, it has a link with the Tax Office, among others. In addition, Tellow uses machine learning to automatically book receipts after scanning to the correct general ledger account.

Thomas Vles, CEO of Tellow: "We are constantly looking at how we can make it as easy as possible for our users, so that they can focus on their work. The cooperation with OPP is a great example of this. For independent contractors, it is important that customers pay quickly without having to put in a lot of effort themselves. Therefore, you have to make sure that the threshold to pay is as low as possible. Including a payment link in the invoice contributes to this."

Implementation stumbling block

Tellow therefore started looking for a party that could help them integrate a payment link into the invoicing process and perform the associated KYC. To do this, it spoke with several parties. The implementation often proved to be a stumbling block. OPP, on the other hand, had a good solution that was relatively easy to integrate into Tellow's platform.

Not only did OPP offer the best-fit solution, but the price and the click with the team were important reasons for Tellow to choose the platform PSP. "You really have to understand how payments work and what critical factors are for our users and their debtors. The culture also plays a role in this," Vles believes. "You notice that international parties do look at our market differently and charge different rates. Furthermore, OPP's personal approach and fast communication ensured a smooth cooperation."

Pragmatic handling of KYC

In order to use the payment link, a KYC process must also be completed. This is also handled by OPP. Vles: "Managing KYC can be complicated due to the laws and regulations involved. We notice that OPP has experience with this and takes a pragmatic approach. It is therefore both logical and pleasant for us that they can take this off our hands."  

Thanks to the cooperation with OPP, Tellow, which is now part of the Danish company Ageras, has been able to significantly improve the customer journey. "We also see an increase in the number of users adding the payment link to invoices. By introducing this kind of new functionality and continuously adding new solutions to our platform, we are giving self-employed people more control over their financial lives."

In the future, Tellow plans to expand the application of machine learning to automatically link transactions to the bank transaction, something that is currently done manually in all accounting packages. "In this way, we keep going one step further in simplifying and automating a task that distracts self-employed people from their real work. While also building on our ambition to become the market leader in Europe," Vles concludes.

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