Mon, Jan 2 2023

Studytube chooses specialist Online Payment Platform for processing payments 8,000 educators and 500,000 employees

  • Multi-split payments ensure easy handling of payment flows
  • Ease and transparency for customers thanks to one invoice for all training courses
  • Focus on marketplaces and platforms ensures continuous innovation


Studytube is Europe's fastest growing learning platform. The company was founded in 2010 and now hundreds of organizations and more than 500,000 employees use Studytube for a variety of courses and training from some 8,000 providers. To efficiently handle payment flows between companies and trainers, Studytube is working with Online Payment Platform.

"Our goal is to enable companies to harness the potential of every employee. By building a user-friendly learning environment with attractive offerings, we make people's development simpler and more accessible," says Sebastiaan Menheere, COO at Studytube. "Part of our service is that customers can also search and book training and education courses with external training providers such as ICM and NCOI. That’s why it is important that they can arrange everything in one place. To this end, we offer, among other things, our own portal in which training courses, approvals and budgets can be managed. We also want to make handling payments as easy as possible."

Focus on B2B payments

Because Studytube has to deal with payment flows from both companies and more than 8,000 trainers, it was looking for a way to automate payments. With this, they wanted to make it easier for customers to purchase training courses. "Due to the strict requirements imposed by the PSD2 legislation, it was undesirable to take on the role of payment service provider ourselves. Therefore, we decided to partner with an external organization," Menheere says. "However, we discovered that few payment service providers focus entirely on B2B payments. Because this focus was missing, almost none of the major parties could meet our requirements."

Companies that do business with Studytube typically purchase training courses from several training providers. "You don't want customers to have to check the invoice themselves for each training course. It's easier to automate that check through the platform. We also wanted to be able to easily deduct our fee from the payment. When formulating these requirements we immediately noticed that for Online Payment Platform, as a specialist in platform payments, this is everyday practice. They offer multi-split payments that automatically split the client's payment to Studytube into the trainer's portion and our commission."

Thanks to the choice for Online Payment Platform, Studytube can offer customers a lot of convenience and transparency. Companies that purchase training courses automatically receive an overview of the transactions made each month. Instead of 100 invoices from different trainers, they get one invoice summary. When the client pays this invoice summary, Online Payment Platform ensures that the various trainers are paid and that Studytube is paid their fee. Payments from the trainers to Studytube are also handled automatically by Online Payment Platform.

Specialism is valuable

Studytube has been working with Online Payment Platform for 3 years. "The partnership with OPP is very good. What I especially appreciate in our partnership is the personal contact and attention. This enabled us to set up our payment solution very efficiently, and we are still using it successfully. Their specialism in platforms and marketplaces has proved valuable to us, as they know very well what we need. They also show that they are continuously innovating in this specific field," Menheere said.

Online Payment Platform's international ambitions align well with Studytube's activities. For example, the company has a team in Germany, where Online Payment Platform is also active, and there are activities in other European countries. Menheere: "It is nice that Online Payment Platform also operates abroad so that we can continue to grow together."

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