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Thu, Sep 3 2020

GetFunded successfully handles all donations via Online Payment Platform

GetFunded was founded in 2018 with the aim of making it possible for everyone to raise money for a personal or social purpose. Now, (two years later) the platform has processed hundreds of thousands of donations. You can find over ten thousand fundraising projects on the online donation platform. From rescuing a small zoo in the neighborhood to raising money to buy and cultivate your own piece of land in southern Germany, you will find the most extraordinary donation projects on GetFunded. To ensure that all these donations are reliable and safe, GetFunded chose Online Payment Platform to facilitate payments.



Reliable partner for handling donations

Two years ago GetFunded started looking for a reliable payment provider to process the donations. The online donation platform had a number of requirements. The provider had to be experienced in platform payments; transactions from consumer to consumer must be possible and the payment provider had to provide split payments. GetFunded soon found its way to Online Payment Platform. At the time, they were the only party that met all the requirements. They were platform specialists, offered payments between consumers (C2C) via a third party account (without intervention of the platform itself) and platform costs could automatically be settled in the donations via split payments.

The reliability of the payment provider was also sufficient. Online Payment Platform complies with the PSD2 legislation, the European directive for business and consumer payments and they are supervised by the Dutch Central Bank. This confirmed that users were always guaranteed to receive their money. Therefore, GetFunded was convinced to select payment provider Online Payment Platform to provide the most secure way for users to receive money.



Smooth implementation and short lines

The implementation of the payment solution went smoothly and quickly. Within a few weeks it was possible to make donations via the platform. Online Payment Platform now facilitates all payments for GetFunded and also manages the assets of the campaign managers. Because Online Payment Platform is a Dutch company with a specific focus on marketplaces and platforms, GetFunded is experiencing the communication with Online Payment Platform as a relief. The development team can quickly contact the technical specialists and if you have any questions about how to limit fraud risks, GetFunded receives excellent advice from the compliance officer of Online Payment Platform.



Add PayPal as (international) payment method



Online Payment Platform always thinks along with GetFunded. An example of this is the possibility to receive international payments. They previously only provided iDEAL for transactions, causing donations from abroad to be a problem. In consultation with Online Payment Platform, the decision was made to add PayPal as a payment method. With success; PayPal is now widely used as a payment method on the platform.



Start a crowdfunding campaign carefree

After a collaboration of more than two years, GetFunded is still very satisfied with the cooperation. Online Payment Platform enables GetFunded to do what the platform can do best: allowing users to set up a crowdfunding campaign quickly and easily. This allows them to raise money to make their own, or someone else's dream come true without having to worry about the safety of the online donation platform they are using.


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