Mon, Jul 6 2020

ANWB Camping strengthens reliable reputation by collaborating with Online Payment Platform

There is hardly a Dutchman not familiar with ANWB. If it's not from the road rescuers in yellow vans, it's from the camping guide that enabled millions of people to find a campsite destination, from the Achterhoek to the Ardèche. In 1983, a separate branch was set up for camping activities: ANWB Camping. To ensure that payments between campers and the more than 9.000 affiliated campsites run smoothly, ANWB camping has been working with Online Payment Platforms since 2018.


ANWB Camping first and foremost focused on informing campers about the beautiful European campsites, the best roads and routes to them and the essential items for a successful camping holiday. Besides asking for advice and information about everything you need for your camping holiday, you can now look up one of the selected campsites and book directly via ANWB. For this purpose, ANWB Camping devoted its own platform: This makes it the largest camping provider in the Netherlands where 3.2 million visitors annually search for the perfect camping spot.


Digitalisation shift

In recent years, ANWB camping has made a major digitalisation shift. Besides having the online booking platform, advice and information is now fully personalised. “With our various digital activities, we offer the customer optimal support throughout the entire customer journey”, Erik Spliet said, Marketing and Sales Manager at ANWB Camping.

An important part in the final phase of the customer journey is booking a campsite and paying the campsite immediately. Spliet states: “Consumers expect this to be well-organised. Especially if you work with an established name like ANWB. To facilitate payments, we used to work with a bank. However, we saw that the processing time was too long. It took more than two weeks before payment was received at the campsite. This was simply too long. Moreover, our customers felt the need to pay with iDEAL.”


International payments and iDEAL

ANWB Camping was therefore looking for a party that could facilitate international payment traffic, speed up the payment process and offer iDEAL. In addition, reliability and quality were important requirements. These are the factors that associate consumers with the ANWB brand, and how the company itself selects its partners.

“We quickly landed on the doorstep of Online Payment Platform. They are the only party meeting all our requirements. And from the beginning, we saw that the expertise and experience they had in the field of payments would be a great added value to us. This enables us to continuously improve and streamline the payment process on our platform. It is also nice to see that, just like us, they are the ahead of the competition in their industry; Online Payment Platforms was the very first to offer PSD2 payments. Therefore, choosing them, is something we enjoy almost every day” Spliet stated.


Erik Spliet
“With the expertise and experience of Online Payment Platform, we can continue to improve and streamline the payment process on our platform” - Erik Spliet, Marketing and Sales Manager at ANWB Camping



Reducing the chance of errors

In an example he mentions the fact that Online Payment Platform has a strong focus on quality and a very sharp approach to errors: “They are constantly looking at reducing the chance of errors. For example, entering and modifying data from campsites is a manual exercise. This list is then uploaded to Online Payment Platform. The first part is human exercise, in which things could go wrong of course. Online Payment Platform thinks proactively about how we could prevent this and they also provide initiatives on how we could automate the process even further.”

And in the unlikely event that something goes wrong, Online Payment Platform has also proven to be a pleasant partner to work with. “We switch with many different contacts: from large-scale accommodation providers with a professional finance department to small-scale recreational entrepreneurs where the owner handles the administration himself. If a payment issue derives, our lines with Online Payment Platform are close and together we can quickly resolve the problem so campsites can quickly proceed with their favourite activity: Ensuring that our customers have a great holiday.”


Flawless service

For Spliet, collaborating with Online Payment Platform means certainty and peace of mind. “We have the guarantee that a crucial part of our service runs smoothly. This not only contributes to a simple customer-friendly process with a small margin of error for both campers and campsites, but also strengthens the reputation of ANWB Camping as a reliable platform.”

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