We would like to inform you about our procedures and the measures we have taken - due to COVID-19 - in order to guarantee business continuity as usual during these challenging times.

  • We are continually monitoring the situation and will follow local governmental guidelines.
  • We have active hotlines to act swiftly and accordingly.
  • All our employees are working from home and through virtual meetings.
  • We have multiple redundancies in place in order to guarantee that our services are operating as usual.

As we monitor the current situation closely we will pro-actively keep our partners informed.


We are here to assist you

In the mean time both our support and integration teams are at your disposal as usual.

We understand that our partners could face sudden changes and challenges. As your Payment Service Provider we are actively involved in some of your key processes.

If at any point in time you feel you require assistance -in any way related to our services- please reach out.


We are ready and here to help.