To properly facilitate our Belgian customers too, we opened a new office at the stately Keyserslei in Antwerp. 

"It is a stunning building immediately located next to the Central Station of Antwerp, which makes it easily accessible. We are able to welcome our partners there as well as providing support to Belgian users on platforms and marketplaces we facilitate." 

The new workspace is part of a co-working office, so all facilities are available.

In Delft (the Netherlands) we are located in a monumental building, which is very inspiring. Therefore, our search to a suitable office in Belgium was specifically focused on a location with history. We succeeded.


The office is located in the former Antwerp Century Hotel, which was originally built during the interbellum in 1931, which was the time of the popular art-deco style movement. Besides its blossom in decorative and applied arts, architecture, graphical, industrial and interior design, art deco characterised in fine arts and couture.

After more than 40 years, the Antwerp Century Hotel received a new destination in 1976. The first two floors were redesigned to shopping gallery and cinema. The other floors were designed for offices.

In 2003, the building underwent its first restoration to recover the original grandeur appearance and accentuate the style. Furthermore, a technical upgrade was needed in order to comply with modern-day characteristics.

Located next to the famous Zoo of Antwerp (one of the oldest zoos in the world) you can enjoy a beautiful view on the majestic Central Station of Antwerp.