Online Payment Platform has already quite outgrown the start-up phase. With a growing team of broadly 30 fte's, offices in the Netherland and Belgium and a continuous increase in customers and revenue, Online Payment Platform is gaining a more prominent role in the Fintech world. And all this hard work will be rewarded. TechLeap nominated Online Payment Platform as 1 of the 10 most promising tech scale-ups in the Netherlands. Making us part of the first batch of TechLeap Rise companies!



TechLeap received an important task from the Dutch government to transform the Netherlands into a real tech-nation. Under the supervision of prince Constantijn, the organisation has the goal to make the Netherlands the ideal homebase for the leaders of tomorrow in the area of technology. This could for instance be achieved by creating the best ecosystem in Europe. Leaders in tech must be put in a position to develop large businesses that will have a positive impact in the world. 


The Netherlands as tech-nation

In Europe, the Netherlands is already one of the fastest-growing start-up hubs. To reach the goal of tech-nation, it is essential to support and accelerate the growth and development of these start-ups to eventually evolve into scale-ups or even multinationals. Therefore, Techleap established an action plan. Part of this plan is to discover the most promising scale-ups in the Netherlands and to guide these in their growth. The result of this is presented on May 1st, 2020.



Together with Floryn, Firm24, LTO Network, Mapiq, Nico.lab, Polarsteps, Quicargo, Starred and Wizenoze, Online Payment Platform belongs to the first 10 most promising scale-ups in the Netherlands. These organisations will be assisted by means of knowledge sessions, content, exposure and networking possibilities. Our ambition is to establish a global company and Techleap will help us in doing so. I am incredibly proud of where we are currently standing and curious for what this journey will bring us. 

To be continued!


Read the full press release here: TechLeap Rise

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