We’ve kicked the year off with a strong start! In January many new partners went live with our payment solutions. Beautiful brands and inspiring companies. Half of them are located outside of the Netherlands, which shows that our international ambitions are gaining traction.

We’re proud to welcome NCOI as a partner. The largest training provider for working professionals in the Netherlands has selected Online Payment Platform to set up safe and smooth payments on Opleidingen.nl. On this platform, employees or employers can select education courses from different providers. Our payment solution ensures seamless payments from the employer to the training provider.

Furthermore, Eyevestor uses our special solution for crowdfunding platforms. This allows investors to participate in projects safely and easily. Starting on the 10th of November crowdfunding platforms must comply with a new European Regulation. To do this they must decide how they want to organize their payment services and how they have arranged this in practice. Eyevestor has chosen to outsource the payments to a specialized payment service provider so they comply with the applicable rules on time and can offer their customers a great payment experience. (Read this paper for more information about the regulation and what you need to arrange as a crowdfunding platform).

Thanks to our partner Danki, it's a lot easier to give and receive tips. The old-fashioned tip jar is being replaced by an app that allows delivery people, street newspaper vendors and catering staff, amongst others, to directly receive tips via a personal QR code. Payment is made through our escrow account, which allows the giver to pay anonymously and securely.


New international partners

In Germany we started with marketplace DANKEEE. They combine the online selling and buying of items with social involvement. With every payment, DANKEEE generates a donation for one of the 600.000 affiliated non-profit organizations, institutions and associations. Payments between users of the platform and the donation to the chosen charity are handled automatically thanks to our multi-split payment functionality.

The Belgian YesBaby also selected Online Payment Platform. The company created an online birth list where parents-to-be can register their gift wishes. Friends and family can select gifts to give or contribute to. The latter is a kind of crowdfunding for maternity gifts. To properly handle the payments for this, YesBaby uses our payment solution for crowdfunding platforms.


The strong start of new partners is promising for the rest of this year. Soon we will announce our first enterprise partner in the United Kingdom so stay tuned for more!