How people are trading cars is rapidly changing

At an increasing rate cars are changing hands without the involvement of a physical car dealership. More and more of these trades are taking place on online platforms and marketplaces.

This is a great sign for online platforms and marketplaces specialized in the cars vertical. However the business model that is currently being applied by most of these  marketplaces is also changing rapidly. Moving from a ‘placement fee model’ to a ‘cost  per sale model’.


Although more traditional online marketplaces and categories have been applying this model for some time already it took somewhat longer for the specific car vertical to start adopting a CPS model.

In this whitepaper we’ll shed light on the underlying challenges that prevented the adoption of this model and how these can now be solved and CPS can be applied on online car platforms and marketplaces. Increasing the user-experience, conversion while driving revenue.


Online payments on a car trading platform can help:

  • Increase the amount of cars being offered for sale 
  • Improve conversion of trades
  • Add CPS to the business model
  • And more...

Want to know more about online payments on car marketplaces and how to make them safe and smooth?

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