Wed, May 4 2022

Online Payment Platform enables first Klarna payment between consumers

eBay Kleinanzeigen adds Klarna to payment mix

Online Payment Platform, a specialized payment service provider for platforms and marketplaces, has become the first party to enable Klarna payments between consumers. Users of the largest marketplace in Germany, eBay Kleinanzeigen have the scoop and can now use this method of paying afterwards. In Germany, paying on account is a popular payment method. By integrating Klarna, eBay Kleinanzeigen can offer users more options and increase conversion on the platform.


In online shops it is often already possible to pay via Klarna. For platforms and marketplaces, this payment method is still in its infancy, simply because it also involves risks. Klarna makes sure the seller is paid and sends an invoice to the buyer who pays Klarna. In an environment where consumers trade with each other, it is virtually impossible to use Klarna to get the money back from the seller if you don't like the product. This calls for a smart way to manage these risks.


Integrating Escrow minimizes risk

Thanks to the integration of Escrow where Online Payment Platform holds the payment to the seller until the product or service has been delivered, this risk is minimized. Users of eBay Kleinanzeigen can now choose to pay with Klarna 14 days after receiving the product in addition to paying with credit card, SEPA transfer or Sofort. Initially, the Klarna payment method is available in four product categories within the platform. Based on the experiences gained here, Klarna will be further rolled out.


eBay Kleinanzeigen is the first platform able to offer Klarna, thus responding to the growing need for this payment option. Achim Ploschke, Lead Product Manager C2C at eBay Kleinanzeigen: "Together with the experts from Online Payment Platform and Klarna, we have overcome several barriers, including technological ones, and delivered a unique achievement for classifieds companies in Germany. Our users can now choose one of the most popular German payment methods when trading on eBay Kleinanzeigen."


Payment via Klarna means that processes at the back end must also be organized differently. In fact, if there is a complaint, people can normally report it to both Online Payment Platform and Klarna. Maurice Jongmans, CEO of Online Payment Platform: "We had to coordinate in order to make sure that complaints can only be offered at one place. In addition, people can no longer file a complaint once the Escrow term has expired and the payment has been fully processed."


"We are proud to be the first payment service provider to enable c2c payments through Klarna," says Jongmans. "Together with eBay Kleinanzeigen and Klarna, we have looked closely at how we can set this up as smartly and securely as possible for users. Thanks to our specialization in marketplaces and platforms, we continue to innovate both broadly and down to the smallest details in order for our partners to be able to provide end users with the best possible experiences."

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